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How To: Call a Consult

How to Call a Consult

The first time you call a consultant is definitely terrifying. You may have heard a senior do it, but how to remain calm when an attending from another specialty is interrupting to ask “What’s the consult for?!” followed by firing a barrage of questions you don’t know the answer to?

Congratulations Class of 2020

Welcome Interns of 2020

Welcome to the Family! You’ve just graduated medical school, and soon you’ll be starting your first year of residency. Congratulations on Matching into Family Medicine, one of the most amazing, variable and challenging specialties in medicine. No, we’re not biased. We’re AWESOME.  

Coming in 2017

A future project, currently on hold. If you’re interested in contributing please contact us directly, via our original website. Thank you! P & F

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