Is wellness a dirty word? Maybe.

The word “wellness” could easily become tarnished the way “resiliency” has, especially considering how it’s used by the typical hospital administration/C-suite.

We will not blame physicians for the burnout they experience in residency. Nor will we offer you platitudes and free lunches. Instead, we are hoping to offer a range of admittedly small but useful tools to fill in your emotional piggy bank – so you have the bandwidth to deal with the things that drain the bank.

Coming Soon…

  • What’s the emotional piggy bank?
  • How do you fill your bank?
  • How does it get drained?
  • What is emotional exhaustion, and how does this relate to burn out?
  • What is moral injury?
  • How can I protect myself?
  • How can I help my co-residents?

Why is the icon coffee?

While not all residents drink coffee , it seems the majority do run on some form of caffeine. The shared ritual of grabbing something from the doc lounge or cafeteria with your co-residents, or griping over a cup of coffee in a crappy diner or cute cafe, seems to embody the bonding and support residents can offer each other. We are each other’s greatest strength. ☕💛