Intern Prep

If you’re not an intern this will not be useful to you.

What is this?

A six week course designed to help prepare Family Medicine interns for starting intern year. It covers a lot of “basics” like physical exam, crucial conversation, counseling skills and reading EKGs. It uses TEACH cards to help you develop critical skills in focused topic research within a brief time period – vital for learning-on-the-fly during many residency rotations. It includes podcasts, tweetorials and “FOAM” resources to introduce you to the world of open-access medical education, #MedEd and #SoMe; but also to show you that there are alternative tools for learning. And every day includes an AFP article, because it’s a really good resource that I personally love.

Is this for me?

If it’s Spring of 2020, probably.

Some may even start in an outpatient setting, such as a COVID-19 testing site or “sick clinic” to see the patients who need a physical exam, or can’t access telehealth options. Or in pediatrics or OB. On surgery or cardiology. As family medicine our training is wonderfully diverse, and predicting where you may be is difficult. You may not even get a schedule until late June.

So, I made something I would want if I was in your shoes. It’s a six week “curriculum” (entirely inspired by ALiEM’s Bridge Course) that includes AFP articles, TEACH cards and podcasts on topics across the FM spectrum. It also includes a daily EKG or photo quiz, and a daily FOAM component (mostly tweetorials). For explanation of why I think I’m capable of this see the original post.

Ok, how do I start?

You can download the six-week schedule PDF here. Below will be the weekly links to a post for each week of the course, that will include other resources or alternatives to some of the options (bonus content you don’t have to do, but can peruse).

  • Week One – April 27th
  • Week Two – May 4th
  • Week Three – May 11th
  • Week Four – May 18th
  • Week Five – May 25th
  • Week Six – June 1st

To get the most out of this “course” you’ll need the following:

So how do I use all that?

You can do the tasks for each day in any order, however:

  • the podcasts tend to be the longest part – PC:RAP anywhere from 10-25 minutes, Curbsiders averaging an hour each.
  • Don’t spend more than 5-10 minutes of the day on TEACH cards (more explanation here under “rules”)
  • AFP articles should be read, but don’t need to be notated/highlighted and picked apart. You can also skip the reading and use the corresponding AFP Podcast if you are more of an audio learner.
  • Minus the podcasts the intention is to spend 30-40 minutes learning from the daily article, TEACH card, EKG/photo quiz and FOAM/tweetorial.
  • So on a PCRAP day you’ll spend about an hour, but on a Curbsiders day you’ll get a deeper dive on one topic and be closer to two hours.

Are there any quizzes?

No. I am thinking about looking into free quiz plugins for WordPress, with the idea of creating a 5-10 question quiz a week to give y’all appropriate spaced repetition, but I am a working family medicine physician, and this is my nights+weekends project.

So, sorry, but no promises. You may have to make your quiz cards/questions – and if you do please share on Twitter so others can learn! 🙂

Are there rules?

  1. Nothing is mandatory, but it’s a Monday through Friday schedule for a reason. Take your weekends off.
  2. There is some spaced repetition, but not a lot, so if you need to spend more time on a topic, skip something you’re familiar/comfortable with and take a deeper dive.
  3. If the ECG content is too easy for you, use ALiEM’s bridge course ECG schedule instead.
  4. The TEACH cards are a lot of work, and you should spend 5-10 minutes on it MAX per day. Look at the instructions for use on their website. Each day choose EITHER the background questions OR the foreground questions OR the learning pearl. Or set a timer and learn as much as you can in 10 minutes.
  5. Consider creating a Twitter profile (anonymous or not) and follow @primarycarechat (and bookmark their Moments page) and the #TipsForNewDocs tag.

If you have questions message me via here or @me on Twitter.

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Last updated: 5/25/2020