Join Twitter. And then What?

I often encourage medical students and residents to join Twitter. The education you get there is amazing. But, when you first start there’s a lot of weeds. Some of them are really popular (more than ten thousand followers) and you eventually realize they’re racist or sexist or seem to hate residents.

So, let’s skip that and recommend some accounts and tags to help you.

#Tags to #Track

Hashtags let you follow categories on Twitter. You can get all fancy and use stuff like Tweetdeck to make it nicely sorted, or just use the search on the Twitter app. Here’s my top tags for y’all.

  • #FMRevolution (much more popular than #FamilyMedicine, as it’s what all the AAFP folks use)
  • #MedEd (more about education and tweetorials, tends to be a lot of EM but a good mix of FM and other specialties in here, too)
  • #medtwitter (catch all for everyone in medicine, on Twitter. It is the Wild West a couple times a week.)

Twitter Basics

  1. If you’re gonna use gifs or images, learn to use ALT text.
  2. Don’t tag everyone on this list in your first post. Just say “Hi #FMrevolution, I’m…” and do your thing
  3. Follow people, but wait on posting. See what you can learn
  4. Anonymous accounts are recommended for new residents.
  5. Follow us: @FMStudent @parivashsanders @fairyburger

Follow in Family Medicine

  • @reneecrichlowMD
  • @tilimd
  • @btabarsimd
  • @thebandageman
  • @Jessss_Jordan
  • @familydocwonk
  • @l_oshman
  • @drmikesevilla
  • @serendipidoc
  • @CatDocMD
  • @ACLakeMD
  • @JuliaNEM33
  • @Drpauguste
  • @rliumd
  • @FlorenceYuanMD

Rural FM

  • @DrMakokis
  • @DrGRuralMD
  • @DrZedZha (also FMOB)

Oh, you want more FMOB ?

  • @KrisEmilyMD
  • @aripence
  • @AmyKaleka
  • @kdakis
  • @jhstlouis
  • @jreaderMD
  • @dralexanderwu
  • @DrAimmee

Accounts to Follow in Other Specialities

  • @inhousemag – a peer reviewed online publication just for residents!
  • @gradydoctor – her patient stories are so beautiful and teach you to find the meaning in medicine when you feel it’s slipping away
  • @jbcarmody – so much data on the Match and much needed analysis on the scam that is the NBOME, ERAS, etc.
  • @ShawnteJamesMD – pediatrician whose description of chonky babies will MAKE YOUR DAY
  • @DGlaucomflecken – eye dentist who makes TikToks. Do not make Tiktoks, just watch his.
  • @RyanMarino – harm reduction and education about fentanyl.
  • @DrPoorman – wellness, harm reduction, etc
  • @pedsmd2b – pediatrician and activist who started DCCOVIDsitters!
  • @thehouseofpod – he’s Persian and has questionable taste in music. has podcast.
  • @TheRealDoctorT – nephrologist who cuts onions over Twitter. Yep.

Other Accounts to Follow

  • @EpiEllie – my favorite Epidemiology Professor on twitter. COVID info.
  • @olsonplanner – free financial planning for residents. actually good advice, too.
  • @fattyMPH – size-inclusive healthcare! <3
  • @michaelmina_lab – lots of info about COVID
  • @freethepill and @Plancpills and @WildWestFund
  • @JortsTheCat – cat for social justice and unions. also lots of cute orange Jorts photos.