MS4 to Intern: Week Two

If you have no idea what this is please go view this page firstThis is week two of our prep course! If you never got “the rules” read them under the heading “So how do I use this?

This week starts strong with communication education, a good mix of outpatient and inpatient medicine, and less pediatrics/OB compared to last week. Check out the bonus section at the bottom before you plan your week.

Remember, the full six week PDF is found here, and the goal is to spend 30-40 minutes (+ podcast time) per day. Why is podcast time separated? Because they’re very different lengths! PCRAP episodes are 15-25 minutes, while Curbsiders are about an hour.






  • PCRAP Knee OA
  • AFP Pediatric Asthma
  • TEACH: Pancreatitis
  • LITFL EKGs: A fib and MAT
  • TWEETORIAL – Telemedicine in Primary Care
    • The ROTH Score referenced in this tweetorial is no longer being widely used, it was trialed 2/2 COVID for a week or two. THAT is how fast #MedEd is, and one of the benefits of being a part of those discussions.
    • Telemedicine is a new normal right now, and may drastically change the future of healthcare, due to its forcible adoption. Consider learning more on this if you’re feeling chill today. If not, skip it.
    • Yes, patients do “no show” to Zoom visits. 😉

Bonus Points!

Last Tuesday’s FOAM was about communication skills and vital conversations. If you’d like more on “End of Life Conversations” the California AFP has four podcasts for you. Each is less than ten minutes, so you can add one on each day or do something else. It’s up to you!

Resources Used