MS4 to Intern: Week Five

If you have no idea what this is please go view this page firstThis is week five of our prep course! If you never got “the rules” read them under the heading “So how do I use this?

Welcome to week five of our journey through intern preparation. Week One had a good dose of OB and Peds, Week Two had a focus on communication and both inpatient/outpatient medicine, Week Three was a bit of derm and psychiatry, Week Four was a little bit of everything. And this week… we’re all over the place again, but with a heap of ID related stuff.

Welcome to Family Medicine, where our focus is… everything.






Extra Credit

Tweetorial Extra-Extra Credit!

  • Last week’s @PrimaryCareChat was a great dive into providing mental health care as a PCP, with explanations of models, basic mental health skills, resources to learn those skills and some quality take home messages.
  • Dr. Fenton’s really informative and helpful contraception Tweetorial will help you talk to your patients about their options, not force your favorite on them.
  • Had enough EKGs? No? Check out theis EM Tweetorial on rapid rhythms by @GamerEMDoc
  • While this Tweetorial by a neurologist (@Oga_DoctorBlue) is aimed at medical students it has some important reminders for a person who will soon be an intern. In the same vein, @GamerEMDoc makes a second appearance with his EM focused thread that has good points for FM residents, too, especially if you’ll be on EM early in the year.
  • A 3-tweet reminder about the importance of clinical skills (EM again, @jmugele)