Intern Advice and TipsLast year at this time I had just arrived in the new city of my residency, after driving across the country to a house we had rented after viewing via FaceTime. Every night in the hotel on that drive I’d scoured the web for intern advice. My Google searches were for things like “how to be a good intern,” “tips for intern year” and “surviving residency.”

I assume you’ll do the same, so here’s a convenient round-up of posts on the subject, in no particular order. Please note YMMV and one should always take said tips with a grain (or fist sized rock) of salt. Many are written by specialists, rather than FM docs, and some won’t apply. Each residency has a different culture, and each attending’s personality will change your style of presenting, questioning and learning. You’ll see.

AMA Wire’s General Tips

KevinMD’s Slew of Intern Advice

Medscape’s Old Tips

Meddit (Reddit’s section for Medical Professionals)

Other Sites with Varying Intern Advice

We’re working on our own posts about preparing for intern year, and we’ll let you know when they’re up. But be sure to bookmark this page, share the site with your fellow interns and let us know what questions are waking you up at night.

By Pixie