Medication and Antibiotic Apps for Family Medicine Residents

Apps for Medications and Antibiotics

Intern year is busy, and as was written in a A Study in Scarlet, the brain can only hold so much. Over time you will learn what’s your go-to for hypertensive urgency and pyelonephritis, but for now it’s always wise to download a few apps to back you up. Today’s post covers my favorite antibiotic and medication apps.

Epocrates Medication App

Epocrates will give a discounted rate to residents if you simply ask. Great resource for ensuring you’re giving the right dose of a medication. Easy to review contraindications and adverse reactions, and easy to use! Need to make your medical student feel like they’re learning something? Review the pharmacology and then ask them questions about it. Now you’re mentoring!

Sanford Guide Antibiotics App

Of course you’re still going to call the ID team. But why not figure out a reasonable answer yourself? The app is more convenient than the old pocket guide, with awesome alternatives in case of yet another penicillin and sulfa drug allergy. I love that you can search by your pathogen or by a desired anti-infective.

Other Apps

PressorDex – Used in on my ICU rotation, then deleted it because we don’t do pressors on the floor and I’m not going to be a hospitalist. Your mileage may vary. If you have an open ICU or more than one rotation consider it your friend.

CDC Antibiotics – I never used this, thanks to the combo of Epocrates and Sanford, but it was a free download. Not actually made by the CDC, FYI, and has since been deleted from my space-hungry phone.

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