Tweetorials for Interns

This is a collection of Twitter “tweetorials” that seemed particularly useful and were bookmarked by me over the past year. Sadly, I didn’t even know about the bookmark feature for most of residency and have “lost” tons of great threads. This post will be updated as I slowly gather more.

#MedEd with more Ed

These are educational threads that have less to do with the medicine of residency, and more to do with navigating the realities of your life for the next few years. Use PRN.

  1. What should your residency “feel” like, how should you be supported, should your co-residents feel like family? See all the replies on this thread for answers.
  2. When to say no, and how to do so, for extracurricular asks, committees, research, etc. (Courtesy of Carlay LaTour, who is a PhD student in Biological Sciences)
  3. Going to your first conference? Learn how to network. Sarah Mojarad is a Science Communication & Medical Education Lecturer who wants to be sure you learn AND network while you’re at that big academic learning opportunity. (Obvs this is a long time away from this early-COVID19 pandemic post, but still relevant, and may be applicable to future ZoomConferences)

The Med of #MedEd

What follows are links to #MedEd educational threads on specific topics and becoming an intern. Don’t try to read them all in one sitting – aim for one a day. Some of these are basics with physiology/mechanism interwoven with clinical practice. Others are more advanced. The goal isn’t to read a series of tweets and magically become an expert, but to see a variety of educators providing #MedEd and learn something from each one.

  1. Organizing research for teaching and learning. Dr. Emily Fridenmaker is a PCCM fellow who put together a frankly awesome guide on her lit review and organization system. In the comments lots of people also recommended using Zotero (“free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research”).
  2. Follow this account that re-tweets various @MedTweetorials for continuous learning in your feed.
  3. Dr. Tony Breu’s (hospitalist) “Why is hyperoxemia harmful” seems relevant these days.
  4. What does elevated lactate mean? Dr. Arjun Arya is PGY1 EM resident who wrote a pretty darn good thread on what lactate represents. EM or ICU bound? Gonna be on inpatient wards? Check it out.
  5. How about some exciting Hyperkalemia, with Dr. Tiffany Truong, an internist and nephrology fellow at USC.
  6. Learn about anemia with Dr. Rabih Geha, an internist at UCSF, in a thread of two parts: Part I and Part II.
  7. Infographics on inpatient medicine? Why, thanks, Dr. Sonja Raaum (Hospitalist and Medical educator), this will help a lot of soon-to-be interns.
  8. How to make the ED less scary for kids. An article from Dr. Justin Morgenstern, a community emergency physician. Key reading for anyone rotating through Urgent Care or Emergency department soon, because even if there’s no family medicine or pediatrics service children WILL show up there.
  9. Dosing furosemide, AKA LASIX (remember it LAsts SIX hours). Dr. Zaven Sargsyan is an internist and educator at Baylor who did this great thread in early March. You’ll want it for EM and inpatient rotations.
  10. Review the 65 replies on a thread asking EM for tips, specifically to an IM doc soon to start a rotation in the ED. (Realize much of this has/will change during our COVID19 spring/summer)
  11. Check out this post from the 2019-2020 UCSF IM Chiefs on how to describe that rash to your attending. Then be sure to see Dr. Steven Chen’s, a dermatologist/internist at MGH, thread on how to prescribe topical steroids. He has several derm threads listed in his indexing post. And finally, be sure to follow @BrwnSkinMatters because most of your references fail to include/consider it. (I’m unsure who runs this Twitter/Instagram account, appreciate info to credit!)

How about some COVID19 specific resources?

Ok. Seems fair.

  1. Dr. Kari Jerge (a trauma critical care surgeon) created an app so you can get all your COVID19 resources are in one place, COVID4HCP
  2. @MGHMedicine is holding a series of COVID focused Grand Rounds via live-stream on Thursdays at 0800 EST.
  3. Then end the day with How COVID19 affects kids (via Peds EM faculty)

Please note all “bio” information is off the author’s twitter bio or webpage. If I have erroneously left off your hard-earned title I would DEFINITELY want to know about it. Please @ me. Or use our contact form. Thanks.

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