This is a very brief list, because we want you to start. Get a Twitter account, post nothing – goal is to follow and observe. You’ll slowly start following more and we’ll eventually post a guide on how to utilize Twitter as an intern, to gain and share knowledge.

  1. Dr. Kimberly Manning is an academic hospitalist, who writes narrative medicine stories that make you think about what you do every day. She also has a great elevator pitch on why you should be part of #MedEd
  2. Dr. Sayed A. Tabatabai is a nephrologist who writes poignant stories about things besides kidneys. Keep tissues handy.
  3. Dr. Tony Breu: a hospitalist and proliferate creator of Tweetorials on many topics. This link will take you to his Tweetorial index of magic.
  4. Bonus content! Also follow @PrimaryCareChat – primary care is always important, so follow this account to take part in a weekly “chat” with learning on various topics, often with guest tweeters!

7/1/2022 Update – See the new version of this list!

Why aren’t there more Family Medicine docs? Probably because they’re all so busy. And because I follow a lot of FM residents and med students, versus attendings. I would be thrilled to reach out to more #FamilyMed and #WomenInMed to follow on Twitter and interview here.

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