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How To: Read EKGs

Hearts in background, "How to Read EKGs" overlying

We discuss a few resources to improve your EKG reading skills, from basics to daily practice.

How to: Ask Questions

How to Ask Questions

Unsure how to ask questions on the floor? Getting a lot of vague answers from senior residents or attendings? Read this post for some ideas on how to be more focused in your asking!

Intern 101: Who to Follow on Twitter’s #MedEd scene?

Who to Follow on Twitter?

This is a very brief list, because we want you to start. Get a Twitter account, post nothing – goal is to follow and observe. You’ll slowly start following more and we’ll eventually post a guide on how to utilize Twitter as an…

Intern 101: Tweetorial Edition

Tweetorials for Interns

Tweetorials from across the #MedEd spectrum, at varying levels of difficulty, for residents to get their feet wet on…

Intern 101: Website Edition

Website Resources for Interns

Whether you’re a new intern, or a MS4 wanting to “prepare” for intern year, these resources may help.

Holiday Gifts for Residents

Holiday gift ideas for Residents, Interns and other Doctors

You’re going to find lots of websites saying to buy your doctor friend/spouse/offspring a super expensive set of scrubs, lab coat, stethoscope or K-cup type machine. Trust me, no matter how huge their loan repayment, those things they need to use every day…

How To: Call a Consult

How to Call a Consult

The first time you call a consultant is definitely terrifying. You may have heard a senior do it, but how to remain calm when an attending from another specialty is interrupting to ask “What’s the consult for?!” followed by firing a barrage of questions you don’t know the answer to?

Apps: Family Medicine Everyday Apps

Family Medicine iPhone Apps

Everyday Family Medicine Apps Several of these apps remain on my phone today, getting used daily or weekly. The others are useful, but not as frequently used. They run the gamut from a full handbook to a simple single purpose calculator, but all…

Apps: Medications and Antibiotics

Medication and Antibiotic iPhone Apps

Medication and Antibiotic Apps for Family Medicine Residents Intern year is busy, and as was written in a A Study in Scarlet, the brain can only hold so much. Over time you will learn what’s your go-to for hypertensive urgency and pyelonephritis, but for…

Post Roundup: Intern Advice

Intern Year Tips

Last year at this time I had just arrived in the new city of my residency, after driving across the country to a house we had rented after viewing via FaceTime. Every night in the hotel on that drive I’d scoured the web for intern…